The Barn

Ice Tool Barn before renovation
Before Renovation
After Renovation
After Renovation

In 1826, the original 198-acre dairy farm was sold at an auction to a local stone mason, William Ingram.  Ingram built the stone bank barn in 1834 and sold off 147 acres in 1844.

The Darlington Seminary for Girls was housed here from 1877 to 1933, and an east wing and trolly stop were added during this time.  When the school closed due to financial difficulties, various businesses used the property.

Brandywine Hall purchased the parcel in 1957.  Since then, a fire destroyed the top floor and roof of the vacant property.

On October 27, 2009, the dilapidated barn was purchased by the Stack family. Over the next three years, the barn was painstakingly restored to its present state. Restorations included:

  • re-pointing of stone
  • rebuilding of collapsed ramps
  • addition of structural steel
  • installation of radiant heat
  • handicapped accessible
  • elevator was added
  • numerous other improvements to meet building codes and standards

Enjoy the brief slide show that follows, as it takes you from the pre-restoration to what you see today.

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